With the aim to attend an increasing demand for representation of different products, Key Brands is born. I​t is a company that caters the entire South American market, with the same partners owners.

Key Brands will be segmented by​: Destinations, ​Hotels Chains or ​independent properties ​and attractions.

​Our Objective is to increase market share and knowledge of the client with sales and marketing professionals with the management of its partners among the South America market.

An innovative, focused and planned work.



  • Fully detailed business plans
  • Market intelligence
  • Sales Calls and presentations
  • Sales Missions Organization
  • Event organization
  • Familiarization's Trip organization
  • Participation in tourism fairs
  • E-mail marketing and digital marketing
  • Special projects
  • Relations with the press
  • Communication Strategy
  • Public Relations
  • Press trips organization
  • Activity reports
  • Offices in Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires