Anderson, Milão WEBSITE   Anderson, Milão


The Starhotels collection of 29 luxury hotels in Italy, New York, Paris and London promise authentic Italian hospitality paired with chic style.

As an independent group, founded and run by the Fabri family, they’ve always believed that their guests should be treated as friends. So, whether it’s a 4 star stay or 5 star escape, you’re invited to relax, put your feet up and savour luxury, Italian style.

Business Palace, Milão WEBSITE   Business Palace, Milão
Castille Paris, Paris WEBSITE   Castille Paris, Paris
Cristallo Palace, Bergamo WEBSITE   Cristallo Palace, Bergamo
Du Parc, Parma WEBSITE   Du Parc, Parma
E.c.ho, Milão WEBSITE   E.c.ho, Milão
Excelsior, Bolonha WEBSITE   Excelsior, Bolonha
Grand Hotel Continental, Siena WEBSITE   Grand Hotel Continental, Siena
Grand Milan, Saronno WEBSITE   Grand Milan, Saronno
Helvetia & Bristol, Florence WEBSITE   Helvetia & Bristol, Florence
Hotel d'Inghilterra, Roma WEBSITE   Hotel d'Inghilterra, Roma
Majestic, Torino WEBSITE   Majestic, Torino
Metropole, Roma WEBSITE   Metropole, Roma
Michelangelo, Florença WEBSITE   Michelangelo, Florença
The Michelangelo, New York WEBSITE   The Michelangelo, New York
Michelangelo, Roma WEBSITE   Michelangelo, Roma
President, Genova WEBSITE   President, Genova
Ritz, Milão WEBSITE   Ritz, Milão
Rosa Grand, Milão WEBSITE   Rosa Grand, Milão
Savoia Excelsior Palace, Trieste WEBSITE   Savoia Excelsior Palace, Trieste
Splendid Venice, Veneza WEBSITE   Splendid Venice, Veneza
Terminus, Napole WEBSITE   Terminus, Napole
The Franklin, Londres WEBSITE   The Franklin, Londres
The Gore, Londres WEBSITE   The Gore, Londres
The Pelham, Londres WEBSITE   The Pelham, Londres
Tourist, Milão WEBSITE   Tourist, Milão
Tuscany, Florença WEBSITE   Tuscany, Florença
Vespucci, Florença WEBSITE   Vespucci, Florença
Villa Michelangelo, Vicenza WEBSITE   Villa Michelangelo, Vicenza


Vilasa Luxury Travel, India WEBSITE

Vilasa Luxury Travel, India

Vilasa is the Luxury brand of Minar Travels India Pvt. Ltd., a well known DMC operating since 1992. They at Vilasa with their in-depth research, honest commitment to quality and personalized services, are confident that our luxury travel tours in India and beyond are the very best of their kind. They believe in consistently examining everything themselves before offering to their guests to ensure that each of their moments spent with they become the most memorable ones. Their thoughtfully designed tour program aims at a new approach of Luxury travel so that you can explore India and its neighbouring countries beyond the well known paths of conventional travel. Our experienced and dedicated team is thoroughly conversant with the new-age luxury aspect of travel and tourism industry, full of enthusiasm and innovative ideas and always eager to walk that extra mile with you. Add to that their vast infrastructure and network with exceptional heritage properties and top hotels in India, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Maldives enable us to provide you the memorable travel experiences for life amid unique style and comfort. They invite you in these beautiful destinations

Uts.Russia, Russia WEBSITE

Uts.Russia, Russia

UTS.Russia is a Destination Management Company with 4 offices in Russia. They have been servicing travel agencies and companies in Russia and CIS for more than 13 years. With their extensive local expertise, creativity and operating resources they specialize in designing and executing your travel and mice objectives from simple logistics to luxury high-end programs. Through their openness, empathy, curiosity and proactivity they make your every tour to Russia cozy, unique and unforgettable!